Abdul Hafeez Khan
1939 – 2001

On 27th February at 1:30 AM, my father, Abdul Hafeez Khan, left us forever to join Allah SWT. He was a very generous, selfless, extremely devoted and completely dedicated father. As his son I testify that I could not have asked for a better Dad.

The well being of his family and the education of his children were his life’s primary goals. He left us well off. He and my Mom, shared the dream of bringing up their children as role models. Education was their priority and they dedicated their entire lives to providing their children the best education available. Often this was beyond their means and so for over a decade they lived apart. He, in Saudi Arabia working for the resources needed for their childrens future, and she, with the children in India, supervising the realization of their dreams.

All his children hold graduate degrees from American universities and multiple professional qualifications. His youngest, Arshia Khan holds a bachelors degree in computer engineering from Osmania University and an MS in computer science from Hofstra University and has a Ph.D. in Computer Science. She is married to Dr. Muhammad Imtiaz a super specialist in Gastroenterology practicing and is Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Minnesota.

His younger son, Iqtedar Khan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil engineering from Osmania University and an MS in Project Management from Florida International University. He is currently a Director with Hewlett Packard.

His oldest son, Muqtedar Khan holds a bachelors degree in Electronics engineering from Osmania University, an MBA from Bombay University, an MA from Florida International University and a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. He is a Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Delaware.

For a Man who came from a very poor family, who wanted to come to the US to study but could not given his poor circumstances, the academic success of his children was a source of great jot and satisfaction for him. His children were his life, and I wish that every child were as lucky as we were.

Preeminence of knowledge, the pursuit of good, fairness in interaction, and courage in the face of adversity are some of the values he inculcated in us. He was an out spoken man who never hesitated to speak up his mind. All his children have inherited his courage to speak the truth even if it was not the most popular thing to do. Today as we stand up and speak for Islam in a foreign land that is becoming increasingly hostile to Islam, we are grateful to his legacy.

He was generous man; many families have benefited and continue to benefit from his generosity. He worked hard all his life, but never really had the opportunity to really enjoy the fruits of his labor. But today when I see my siblings standing up against extremism, and when I travel to far away lands to speak the message of modern Islam rational, compassionate and tolerant we know that we are arrows of good will that were shot from the bow of my fathers vision of the world working to build bridges between civilizations.

Dad, had two careers. He worked for 20 years as a civil engineer in the Military Engineering Services of India from 1961-1981. He then worked as a network engineer for Saudi Telecom from 1981-2001 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Most people are dispensed with from the Kingdom once their usefulness has expired. But Dad was one of those rare few whose services, honesty, hard work and dedication was recognized in the form of many awards and citations during the service and at retirement.

Dad died of a deteriorating heart condition. Until the last moment he remained alert and considerate of others. He was generous to a fault. Please pray for the well being of my father’s soul and that God may overlook his human weaknesses and concentrate on his good work.

We hope that through this page we will be able to continue the good work he started by taking revolutionary decisions in his own life and for his own family.

Muqtedar Khan
March 01, 2001.